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Anecdote of a 24-year-old management graduate setting up an "ISO 9001:2015" certified HR consulting organisation - Beehive Talent Search LLP.

By the time you finish reading this article we would have changed the lives of people by placing them in Fortune 500 companies.

It started when a frustrated  banker  (thats me - Saurabh Rohilla) quit his well paying but lame 9 to 5 Job.
Honestly it was not the job, it was the immediate boss and his same question every day "Aaj ka kya scene hai  - What are your sales plans"  that made me look for better alternatives.
With all due respect, looking at my boss's career graph and his small car I was sure in my mind - Aaj ka scene kuch bhi ho, My tomorrow is going to be better.

Entrepreneurship is like a bad Boyfriend or Girlfriend. You can't live with or without them.
It is lonely, it actually sucks but when you pass the "may day" its "pay day

Driven with that hustle, passion and hunger I started calling friends who were in different streams.
One of the call made to an old friend changed my perspective of looking at things when  he called me to his office.
This guy once failed with me in one the entrance exam was today running a recruitment company.
Without thinking much about his clientele or P&L I quit my job.

With in a month of joining him as Business Developer Manager, I realised the company was actually not performing well and was on the verge of 

The challenges

With  small capital, zero experience and two recruiters we started our painful but adventurous journey and BEEHIVE TALENT SEARCH was born.
With in a year we understood that the plan was not right from the beginning. We were focusing on the small clients rather than fighting to enter the world of giants.

Even if you WIN in Rat race you remain a RAT
But even if you lose in Lion's race you remain a LION.

With that approach we moved to the industry i.e. E-commerce and Digital Media. 
Later we partnered  with clients like Hindustan Unilever, Carlsberg , Casio and many more.

The Vision

Currently we have four major line of business.

* Recruitment and Staffing

* Payroll Management

* Background Verification

* Corporate Trainings

With 100% growth in revenue year on year we plan to move to Overseas staffing.

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