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Seven best part time professions in India with very low investment 

Everyone wants to earn some extra bucks in the pocket and tries a lot of options, here I am mentioning few best part time professional options available in India where you do not need huge investment but you can earn approx Rs. 5,000-50,000 Easily by adding some extra skills in your knowledge box or exploring your existing skills. 

Anchoring :

I call it as one of the best part-time profession in India, Communication skills is one of the major problems in India but India is one of the biggest markets for event & wedding industry, population of 135 Cr+ is kind of advantage for this industry, every year thousands of corporate events, social gathering, and lakhs of weddings are happening in India where an anchoring is a very big scope. In initial days you can charge Rs. 2000-5000 for every show of 3-4 Hours. The only requirement is having extraordinary and spontaneous communication skills, good dressing style, knowledge of body language along with basic technical knowledge of sound and microphones. Many institutes in India are providing such training to aspirants which may cost you Rs. 5000 – 20,000. After having experience and popularity you can charge more. Top anchors in India are charging in lakhs of rupees per show.

Astrologer / Vastu Expert:

We Indian gives a very much importance to astrology and vastu shashtra in our lives. Having the good knowledge of astrology and vastu can give you amazing income and normally it doesn’t need full-time attention. One should have sound knowledge and practice of it before starting. On an average, you can earn in thousands in astrology while if you have good command on vastu it can go in lakhs also. Nowadays there are few institutions which are providing astrology and vastu courses.

Insurance Advisor:

Be it life/health or general, insurance is still a big market for passionate people. Normally you have to pass an online exam and after this exam, you can become the advisor, commission slab is 3 – 40 % on premium in the first year and the most amazing part is you’ll get trail commission till the policy continues (2-6 % every year)

Wedding Choreographer:

if you are good in dance and can spare 3-4 hours per day in wedding session again it is having huge scope. You can charge Rs. 10,000-1,00,000 from the family to teach them the skills of dance for Sangeet. Sangeet is becoming more popular in India day by day, people are spending the big percentage of the total budget in sangeet now.

Content Writer:

Content is one of the biggest influencing factors in digital and informative marketing. Writing blogs and earning through affiliate marketing or ads is one option and another one is writing for others. Content writers are getting 50 Paisa to 7-8 Rs Per Word, in few cases, it may go higher. Storytelling, blog posts, concept based informative articles and so many other options are waiting for you if you are really good in writing and wise in selecting words.

Social Media Marketing Manager:

Oh, this is one of the biggest market for those who are looking for part-time income option, small vendor to big industries maximum of them are trying to get new customers from social media but very limited people knows the right methods. You can outsource the page optimization, ad campaign management etc, elections are coming soon so even politicians on local to global level tries to influence their voters via social media. You can manage Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and Instagram accounts. Pay package completely depends on your skills still for an idea you can charge Rs. 3000-10000 for facebook page management + camping budget.

Yoga Trainer:

if you are fitness freak and love to motivate people for healthy life you can take yoga classes in early morning/evening hours, you can approach to existing yoga centers or even you can take it in societies / public gardens or at your home. While teaching yoga you can earn money as well as blessings of people

PS : I have mentioned maximum options where you’ll definitely need a computer with internet and knowledge of that profession to spread the wings of your own brand, in initial days you’ll not need to invest in any supporting product or infrastructure, Like if you go for photography, you’ll need to buy expensive cameras or a wedding planner will need to manage capital issues/man power so I tried to project the simple options which you can start within few days.

Don’t forget to polish your skills before starting the new part-time profession.

Happy Earnings!

Varun Surana

This is a YourStory community post, written by one of our readers.The images and content in this post belong to their respective owners. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright, please write to us at mystory@yourstory.com and we will take it down. There has been no commercial exchange by YourStory for the publication of this article.
I am a passionate entrepreneur and brand consultant. i've Worked with 100’s of companies and various brands for various services like events, brand management, marketing, corporate training & recruitment. Under my leadership, thousands of students got various training and jobs in this highly competitive market. I speak to corporate and public audiences on the subject like digital marketing, Personality development, how to enhance the business, teamwork, women entrepreneurship, etc. along with that, i am actively involved in building local ecosystem or startups and online community management.

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