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Content marketing can be made a best-seller by combining blogging with email marketing. Your blog helps you to get the much needed attention, set up your influence and appear in the search results on internet. Email marketing strategy improves your communication and trust with online readers and acts as a source for providing significant offers to them.

Why both are important?

Although both have different functions, but if you want to create a clear cut and well focused content marketing strategy you will need both. Your blog can act as a promoter of your email list, and vice versa. Your blog posts and updates on emails should be related and significant for the readers and readable on all gadgets like mobiles and tablets. Your blog posts and email marketing can go hand in hand by following ways:

Use blog posts as cookies

You need regular readers of your emails and blog posts. Whenever, you publish a new post on your blog, make sure to send an email to your list considering the following alternatives:

1. You can use the email marketing to automatically send your new blog posts to your list using Feedblitz, AWeber, and MailChimp.

2. Whenever a new post is published, manually send the email to your list which can include two or more sentences about your new post. Don’t forget to incorporate the link to your blog post in the email.

3.  You can encourage your readers to actively participate by writing “Share your views in the comments section” in the email.

4. Send a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter to the list including the link to your best published posts.

5. Build FAQ autoreponder series

Compile some interesting answers to the frequently asked questions and then generate an email autoresponder series using them. And be sure to include numerous links to your blog posts.

Also, add an offer!

At the end of your blog posts, include some kind of offer for the readers to participate in. Allure your audience to sign up for getting posted for free, for a free portion of top quality paid content, or for a monthly newsletter.

Synergize blog and email marketing: Make editorial calendars for your blog and email marketing strategies which work on common ideas and subjects. Your main purpose should be to keep your readers updated with clear and logical information which incorporates all the options of content marketing.

Publish guest posts: Offer other bloggers the option of guest posts and do it occasionally on other bloggers’ websites. This provides good opportunity to publish your posts on other websites and connect with new readers.

Revive your own image: Before introducing a new product, you can strengthen your list by sending an email with well focused content that is associated with the topic of your product. It is a great way to improve communication with your readers on the list.

Make the updates about your free offers noticeable: Make a page for ‘free updates’ in your blog website that offers readers to get included in your list and gives them free ebooks, videos or some other kind of top notch content. And don’t forget to link this page in your website so that it can be seen at every page your reader visits.

Utilize social media: Facebook and Twitter can be used as great tools for completing your objective of content marketing. Ensure that these websites take the readers to your blog content and email list. To utilize social media to full extent, you have to remain focused and goal-oriented. 

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My name is Pradeep Kumar, a CEO/ Co-Founder of leading IT Company, GlobalHunt Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (www.globalhunttechnologies.com)

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