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The NEET  and its allied commodity

Has turned the pied piper around.

The common  entrance test for  students aspiring medical courses in their undergraduate level   has been a very sensitive issue  and has tickled the fancies of many  to come up with their views.  Now let us try to closely understand what it feels  to  welcome such an exam.  

Each state had its own way of   counselling to allot seats in medical colleges . But it has streamlined   to one single process  through NEET . Many were unable  to get into medical colleges in other states , but now it has been  possible through the all India quota.  

Students also has the burden of preparing for so many  entrance exams  but one the crap is over with a single shot. We have so far seen the  overall perspective of NEET. 

 Now let us see the students point of view  about NEET.  Some states which follow a different state syllabus find it harder.  For instance ,Tamil Nadu  with so much novel educational  methodologies find it very difficult  only because of the variation in the syllabus.  A major drawback in Tamil Nadu is the  negligence of class 11 th  portions which sums upto 50 % of  the question paper. 

Being  a student from Tamil Nadu , I can closely  tell you the  ongoing confusion of NEET.  The  maximum number of students in the state are enrolled  in state board schools.  They are well paid by parents and provide good infrastructure.  So it is  possible for them to  provide  the advanced learning for NEET from the upcoming academic year.  If not students those who can afford to  access the coaching centers succeed in  learning.

But we must not forget that there is a considerate number of students who are academically eminent but  financially  in a lower level.  Those pursuing in government schools  are   barred from the opportunity  of  getting into medical  colleges.  

I am making it clear to the readers that my conviction  is not against NEET  , but  a demand in a betterment of education in  the government schools.  The government school teachers  are paid the highest  and are expected to be more qualified , then why not an extra mile in the  improvement of education  in their schools.  The books can be improvised  and  taken to a higher standard  meeting the needs of entrance exams. 

A student preparing for class 12 public exams has to specially go for  coaching classes to  perform well in NEET. In that case  the community of coaching  centers begin to flourish.  So , the purpose of education  becomes a  commercial process. 

So , it is high time that the syllabus of state reach a standard wherein   a student interested in self study is able to achieve a considerate  level of success through hard work.

This is a YourStory community post, written by one of our readers.The images and content in this post belong to their respective owners. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright, please write to us at mystory@yourstory.com and we will take it down. There has been no commercial exchange by YourStory for the publication of this article.
The writer is a student of science graduating from Montfort School , Trichy. She has a flair for writing and is keen on science fiction and poetry writing. Has won many accolades in the national and in the international level for her literature. Presently, she is pursuing her integrated masters degree in Bharathidasan University in the field of Life Sciences. As the name suggests , she is actively involved in all the areas of study that makes her learning fruitful. Her subjects of intrest includes microbiology , philosophies , criticism writing and the practical applications of sciences. She has a keen observation of how the society responds and has an gentle opinion on things with much impact. She writes on critical issues and matters of educational interest.

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