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entrance of Rajasthan
entrance of Rajasthan

The State of Rajasthan has an important place in the history of India. The great Rajpoot warriers of Rajasthan never accepted the slavery of the mighty Sultanate of Delhi and always remain tough challenge for ladies and Mughals.

I started this journey from Thane on my Thunderbird 350 (her name is "Barkha") with my friend Abhimanyu. We travelled across western Rajasthan covering Udaipur, Pali, Jodhpur, Sirohi, Mount Abu as well as some part of Gujarat also like Vadodara, Surat. There are many places on the way, which is the part of history books and I already heard about them, but there are also many places as well as stories that couldn't become the part of any history books or tourist guides. It was a pleasant experience to witness the rich heritage of Rajasthan one by one. This provides a snapshot of that 7 days journey through western Rajasthan.

Day I : - (Thane to Vadodara) = 413 kms.

 Left Thane at 6.30 in the morning with "dug dug" sound of my "Barkha". But unfortunately we got stuck in traffic for 3 hours in Thane only. We exit Thane atlast after 3 and half hours, we took a halt near Manor for breakfast around 11 a.m. we went to one of the relatives near Bhilad, had brunch and started our further journey. Finally we reached Vadodara at 6.30 pm

my bestie "BARKHA"
my bestie "BARKHA"

Day II: - (Vadodara to Udaipur) = 383 kms.

On the second of trip, I was relaxed just thinking that Udaipur is not so far and so can leave at 9.30 in the morning for Udaipur.

Day III : - (Udaipur to Jodhpur) = 276 kms.

Jai Om Banna
Jai Om Banna

We left for Jodhpur. On way, about 50 kms. away from Jodhpur we visited the "Bullet Baba Temple" at Pali. It is a small shrine, dedicated to a local, Om Banna (Shri Om Singh Rathore) who died in a road accident while riding his bullet many years ago (around 1980's). His bullet, Royal Enfield 350cc is showcased here in a glass cabinet.

Moving further, we reached Jodhpur in the noon, there I met some of my rider friends.

Day IV : - (in and around Jodhpur)

It was the day to explore the attractions of Jodhpur city, is also known as a "Blue City." We started quiet late and went to "Mehrangarh" fort, the most prominent attraction of Jodhpur. Mehrangarh fort is one of the largest forts in India, uniquely designed and has a great collection of antiques in the museum. Then we moved further towards "Umaid Palace".

Umaid Palace is a last Royal palace built in India before Independence. And also it is part palace, part hotel (owned by Taj hotel group) and part museum. In the museum there were vintage cars like Phantom I and II

In the evening we went shopping in local markets at Paota Circle.

inside of Mehran Garh
inside of Mehran Garh
view of "Blue city"  from Mehran Garh
view of "Blue city"  from Mehran Garh
Umaid Palace
Umaid Palace

Day V : - (Jodhpur to Mount Abu) = 345 kms

In the morning we left for Mount Abu. Ghat of Mount Abu was very good. We visited sunset point. 

According to the legend, sage Vasishta performed a great yajna at the peak of Mount Abu. In answer to his prayer, a youth arose from the Agnikunda. The first Agnivansha Rajput.

sunset at Mount Abu
sunset at Mount Abu

Day VI : - (Mount Abu to Surat) = 510 kms

We left early in the morning, we decided to reach Surat as early as possible. But unfortunately we were stuck in traffic near Gujarat & Rajasthan Border. We wanted to avoid night riding, finally we reached Surat at 8 pm

Day VII : - (Surat to Thane via Bhiwandi) = 285 kms

On the last day, I had to reach Thane by the evening. Many places of Rajasthan like Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Ajmer, Barmer still on my wish list.

Looking forward to another such thrilling and wonderful trip to all the above unexplored places !!!

The much awaited Rajasthan ride thus came to a successful end !!!

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