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Enabling collaboration between BYJU’s employees

BYJU’s - India’s largest Ed-tech company, has a large set of employees working from remote locations across multiple shifts which made effective collaboration a challenge. G Suite, from the Vodafone CloudStore, helped boost employee collaboration across locations. Enhanced employees collaboration lead to an upward swing in efficiency for BYJU’s.

​Empowering diabetes tests over mobile

Diabetacare launched the world's first remote diabetes treatment and prevention solution, creating first-mover advantage. With Vodafone's special IoT SIM, the device was able to monitor patients' glucose & blood pressure levels and send this data to doctors & experts.

Helping OYO with analytics-driven communications

OYO, India’s largest hotel network, needed to generate higher quality business leads and improve the ROI on marketing activities. Vodafone’s Digital Engagement Platform, a proprietary analytics tool, helped filter target customers into groups such as business executives, frequent travellers, couples, tourists and youth to ensure better ROI on their marketing activities.

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Vodafone Business Services

If you have a disruptive big idea that you want to turn into a successful business, then you have come to the right place. We can help you deliver more than expected and become a Ready Startup. As of the leading telecommunications providers worldwide, we can partner with you and help you scale up faster.

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Helping BYJU’s deliver cutting-edge learning​

Vodafone’s solutions helped BYJU’s, India’s largest Ed-tech company, provide engaging...

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​Zomato's online orders are ​powered by Vodafone​​

Vodafone helped Zomato streamline one of their key processes to make them a Ready Business.

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Helping OYO with analytics-driven communications

Vodafone’s solutions helped OYO, India’s largest hotel network, ensure better ROI on their marketing...

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