How to optimise AWS costs, and move microservices to EKS and Kuberenetes
About the session

AWS with its variety of services and multiple choices of architecture to setup the same workload (Serverless, EC2+ELB, Sagemaker and Data Pipelines, K8 with EKS to name a few) has brought a lot of flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to speed to market and scalability when creating the infrastructure for a startup. However, scaling entails higher costs that can be challenging to handle. In this virtual session, know how Niki was able to reduce infrastructure costs by 40% while gaining in scalability and responsiveness, and the challenges and pitfalls in containerising applications, migrating entire microservices and apps workload to Kubernetes, among others.


Keshav Prawasi

Rahul Shringarpure
Solutions Architect, AISPL
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