How to empower a platform with a data pipeline at scale

About the session

In the fintech landscape, competitive advantage is a function of risk management, speed of response and scalability. StashFin is a digital lending platform that offers credit line facilities to customers across India.

With a deep focus on risk and operational technology, StashFin has built an extensive platform covering all aspects of the lending business, including aiding faster and more accurate decision-making. 

In this session, the StashFin team will describe their architecture, discuss some of the choices they made as to the evolution of the platform, and carry out an in-depth review of their core data pipeline built entirely on AWS.


Parikshit Chitalkar
Co-founder, StashFin

David Lin
Head of Risk, StashFin

Deepak Sood
Senior Data Engineer, Stashfin

Nitin Dhir
Solutions Architect, AISPL
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