DRDO partners with Noida-based manufacturer to launch contactless hand sanitiser

OakMist, the touchless hand sanitising dispenser can sanitise 1,000 hands at a time. Rashtrapati Bhavan, PMO, SC and MHA have been equipped with the product.

Measures like social distancing, wearing masks and sanitising hands have become a part of our daily routine, thanks to COVID-19, and they will remain an important part of the 'new normal' even in the post pandemic era.

Indian defence manufacturing company Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in partnership with Noida-based company and its industry partner, Riot Labs, has come up with a contactless sanitiser dispenser called OakMist to tackle the issue of sanitation in the country.

Speaking to SMBStory, Shishir Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of Riot Labz, said that the concept, technology and design of the product were developed by DRDO and Riot Labs was asked to develop the final product. OakMist was manufactured in the company's manufacturing unit in Noida in a span of three days.

Shishir says, "It was observed that many people were sanitising their hands but in the process, they were touching the dispenser too many times. To counter this situation, we came up with a contactless hand sanitising dispenser."

How it works?

When employees enter a building, office complex, or a hospital, they are supposed to keep the hand below the dispenser which senses the hand and automatically sprays an alcohol-based hand rub solution.

The product is priced between Rs 7,940 and Rs 12,990 and has a capacity of five litres. Each time, the dispenser sprays, it lets out five millilitres of the solution. OakMist can sanitise around 1,000 hands at a time. Depending on the size of the organisation, one dispenser can last for minimum one day and maximum two weeks.

Oakmist was launched on May 1 but is yet to hit the retail stores, both online and offline. However, it will soon be listed on ecommerce platforms, Amazon and Flipkart as well. Currently, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Prime Minister's Office, Supreme Court and the Ministry of Home Affairs have been equipped with it.

Shishir says that he aims to make it available across the country in both government as well as private organisations. He, however, added that the product will not be open for exporting now and the company will focus on meeting the domestic demand first.

Edited by Javed Gaihlot


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