Facebook rolls out free offline-to-online guide for SMBs to go digital

Facebook said it is reaching out to nine million small businesses across India to ensure it reaches the businesses that need these guides and resources the most.

Facebook rolls out free offline-to-online guide for SMBs to go digital

Thursday November 05, 2020,

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Looking to support Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in their recovery from the impact of the pandemic, Facebook on Wednesday announced an offline-to-online SMB Guide and new resources. The SMB Guide is free and publicly available.

Facebook said in a statement that it is reaching out to nine million small businesses across India to ensure it reaches the businesses who need these resources the most.

The guide provides step-by-step directions on how SMBs can build a digital presence quickly and reach potential customers online. It explains Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and covers key themes such as building an online presence, mobile storytelling, social media advertising, and creative and performance strategies.

The offline-to-online resources are available in Hindi and English.

Archana Vohra, Director, Small and Medium Businesses, Facebook India, said in the statement that these resources can help SMBs go online "with minimum effort."

Facebook said it is also rolling out the next leg of ‘Boost with Facebook’, the social media giant's flagship skilling and learning programme for scaling young businesses. The programme went virtual earlier this year, and is now going vernacular — will be delivered primarily in Hindi through Facebook Live sessions.

One key theme discussed during Boost with Facebook will be how SMBs can build for Diwali and the festive season beyond it.


Facebook also launched 'Season of Support', a dedicated resource to boost business and build sales for small businesses during this time. It enables SMBs to seek support from Facebook’s expert team and also utilise personalised resources to help them reach their desired goals.

Further, quick courses that under ten minutes long and simple guides containing insights on building an online presence, keeping an audience engaged and increasing sales, will be made available.

Other measures by Facebook to enable SMBs to become resilient are grants, business resource hubs, brand incubator programmes, advertiser programmes, and more.

Facebook's global $100 million grants programme for SMBs is another lifeline for small businesses. In India, it is a Rs 32 crore grant, which has been given to over 3,100 SMBs.

Facebook and Instagram have also launched capabilities for businesses to drive discovery and sales through Gift Cards. Customers can discover Gift Cards on Facebook and Instagram and purchase them on third-party platforms, thereby helping SMBs reach more potential customers online.

Edited by Kanishk Singh