This third-gen entrepreneur is carrying forward the legacy of a 50-year-old family business with Keratin

KT Professionals was started by Dhruv Sayani in 2016 under the parent company Crystal Plastics. He has built the brand from scratch, making keratin-infused hair care products for the urban population. In six years, the company has made its presence felt pan India.

For thirty-two-year-old Dhruv Sayani, joining his family business of comb manufacturing, which had been running for five decades, came as a great opportunity but one that entailed huge responsibilities as well. 

In 2012, when he joined Crystal Plastics and Metallizing Pvt Ltd as a third-generation entrepreneur, he was faced with that fundamental question - what next? He ideated upon launching a haircare brand, KT Professional, to solve the rising problem of hair loss and thinning among urban customers.  

Given the stiff competition from established players, the road ahead was tough, but that’s where the backing of an established parent company that was also an extension of the same industry helped. 

Founded in 2016 in Mumbai, KT Professionals, in a span of six years has expanded to 86 cities, 27,000 plus salons, and is present in more than 18 online platforms with 120 products in its kitty. 

In an interaction with SMBStory, Dhruv uncovers the family legacy, and his role in the parent company. He talks at length about starting a new label to cater to new-age customers. 

The rich history of a family business

Dhruv's family business, Crystal Plastics, is into manufacturing, retailing, and exporting hair care products, primarily combs and accessories, to 75 countries along with Ccigmaa Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, which is their marketing and distribution company, and the parent organisation. The company Crystal Plastics has been recognised by the Government of India for maintaining record exports for 30 years in a row now, says Dhruv.

“My family has a rich business history in the hair care industry. From hotel chains to salons, pharmacies, and MNCs, Crystal Plastics has dominance everywhere. When I joined, the business was already established, and I had a responsibility to expand. Thus, the idea of launching a haircare brand cropped up,” he says.  

According to Dhruv, he started the KT journey with a personal investment of Rs 30 lakh, and worked on products and positioning of the brand while setting up the manufacturing unit in Mumbai. 

Hair care range by KT Professional

About KT Professional

KT Professional stands for Kehairtherapy Professional. Kehair means Keratin, a protein known to be super effective for hair and skin, and Dhruv says KT’s products focus on infusing keratin protein to solve different hair challenges.

“Every 100 km in India, the weather and lifestyle of people changes. However, they still use the same kind of shampoos, oils, or conditioners, which may not always be good for their hair. Based on the different kinds of hair textures, and the different haircare challenges people go through in various regions, we have developed our products to suit our customer’s hair type and requirements,” Dhruv says. 

To understand the different hair textures seen across the country, KT Professional have hired around 150 technical educators and partnered with salons that help customers buy the right products. All the formulations for KT Professional products are lab tested in the US, whereas the manufacturing is done in Mumbai. 

KT Professional’s products include shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils, mists, and masque, and all of them supposedly have a strong Keratin base. 

The brand deals in both consumer and professional ranges, and is present pan India in 86 cities and 27,000 plus salons including chains like Toni & Guy, Jawed Habib and Femina Flaunt to name a few. 

The market scenario

According to a report by Mordar Intelligence, the growth of consumerism in India has paved the way for the hair care industry.  

The rise in organic and herbal hair care products such as olive oil-based shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, hair gels, and others has paved the way for strong market growth and experimentation. KT Professionals’ protein-infused products will need time to get accepted, Dhruv admits, given consumers are now becoming more conscious about what they are using on their hair. 

On competition, Dhruv says there are not many companies that are completely keratin protein-focused and that have a product line of 100+ SKUs. He adds that he envisions his company to be the first ‘hair tech’ company working on solving various salon hair challenges through smart tech. 

Expansion plans

Talking about expansion plans, Dhruv says his next focus is on the US, European and Middle Eastern markets, where he is planning to retail as well as sell B2B products. 

The brand is also aiming to strengthen its presence in India. The parent company, Ccigmaa Lifestyle is eyeing an IPO in the next three years, concludes Dhruv.

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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