Instamojo launches 'IAMMSME' campaign ahead of 2019 elections

Instamojo aims to reach out to the MSMEs to submit their pledge to vote and rank the top three priorities that concern their business and growth of the sector.

In a bid to encourage MSME players in the country, Instamojo launched the IAMMSME campaign on April 8, ahead of the upcoming General Elections 2019. The campaign is purposed towards encouraging the MSMEs of the country to exercise their right to vote and contribute towards building a promising future for the sector.

Through the IAMMSME campaign, Instamojo will aim to reach out to the MSMEs of India through social media and digital platforms. As part of this campaign, Instamojo has created a web link where participants will be asked to submit their pledge to vote and rank top three priorities that concerns their business and growth of the sector.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Sampad Swain, CEO & Co-founder, Instamojo said,

"While we are constantly working towards empowering the MSME businesses by helping them go digital, we came up with the idea of ‘IAMMSME’ campaign for the upcoming elections. Apart from encouraging them to go out and vote, through this campaign, we want MSME players and small business owners to voice out their top priorities from the government for the next five years."

"The next five years will be crucial for the sector as digital disruption will continue to take place and government will have a pivotal role in enabling and empowering them," he adds.

The campaign will run till May 20, 2019.

Instamojo is a growth gateway platform for MSMEs. It offers a host of business solutions ranging from digital payments to logistics and lending. These essential services help small business owners to ensure business continuity and development.


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