MSME Week: Ayurveda brands get a boost in the time of coronavirus

In a one-on-one virtual interaction during the MSME Week, Ameve Sharma, President, Baidyanath, and Co-founder of Kapiva Ayurveda, sheds light on how the Ayurvedic sector has grown in these tough times with immunity building becoming a top priority.

The Ayurvedic sector has seen a sharp growth in these unprecedented times with people focussing on immunity building amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Ayurveda is one of India's oldest holistic healing systems, and has now gained prominence as an alternative medicine. 

In a week-long celebration of homegrown brands, YourStory organised MSME Week from June 20-27, 2020. As part of the virtual interaction, Ameve Sharma, President, Baidyanath, and Co-founder of Kapiva Ayurveda, shared his insights on how the demand pattern of consumers during COVID-19 has changed, and how the sector is expecting a change in the post-pandemic times. 

He said, “Immunity building is not a one-day task, it has to be a habit. Ayurveda treats the disease from the root, but it takes time. We cannot mix allopathy and Ayurvedic treatment; both work on different scientific formulations and principles.”

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Ameve also said this was the right time for the Ayurvedic sector to expand globally and reclaim its share as people around the globe saw it as an alternative way of treatment. 

He also suggested that opening up clinics for the consultation of patients will be an another opportunity where Ayurveda sector can dive in. This will help patients build more trust towards Ayurvedic treatment.

"There are clinics where Ayurvedic doctors consult patients. However, the count is very low. We can open more clinics to enable people consult doctors and get Ayurvedic medicines," Ameve says.

Watch the detailed discussion below to understand the future of the Ayurvedic sector, and how it has become a buzzword in the times of COVID-19 when immunity building has become a priority. 

Edited by Suman Singh