How an athlete started a sports nutrition and wellness brand to boost fitness

Being an internationally accredited sportsperson, Aman Puri realised there was a huge gap in the sports nutrition and fitness segment that led him to found Steadfast Nutrition. It promotes the idea that sports and fitness must be an inclusive part of everyone’s life.

Aman Puri, Founder, Steadfast Nutrition

At a young age of 24, Aman Puri had envisioned to transform the world of sports, wellness and healthcare at a larger scale. Being internationally accredited in skating, cricket, marathons, national-level shooting, international level mountain biking, cross-country duathlons, triathlons etc, he understood the complex and varied requirements of an athlete’s body.

As an endurance athlete, he was aware of the need for the Indian sports fraternity to take high-quality nutrition. He realised it was his core responsibility to promote the idea that sports and fitness must be an inclusive part of everyone’s life.

In 2017, he founded Steadfast Nutrition in Noida, a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand, for athletes by athletes. 

In an interaction with SMBStory, Aman says, 

“Professionals in sports have various healthcare needs to make their body strong and fit. However, in our country, there was no such brand that catered to this segment. Thus, many sportspersons in India rely on imported healthcare nutrition supplements. I came up with the idea to introduce Steadfast Nutrition after finding this gap in the industry.”

Steadfast Nutrition is a part of Steadfast MediShield Pvt. Ltd, a pharmaceuticals company founded by Aman’s father, Yogesh Puri.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

SMBStory (SMBS): What is Steadfast Nutrition?

Aman Puri (AP): Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports and wellness nutrition division of Steadfast MediShield Pvt Ltd. The brand aims to revolutionise the world of sports nutrition in India by introducing high-quality supplements and serving people in the age group between five and 95.

Steadfast started as a speciality in renal care, and later diversified into premium sports and wellness nutrition, sports clothing, nutrition consulting, sports events, and management divisions. The group rakes a turnover of Rs 55 crore as a whole, and Steadfast Nutrition is growing at 25-30 percent month-on-month.

SMBS: What is the market size of your sector and how are you differentiating from the competition?

AP: The market size of nutrition products is around Rs 15,000 crore. We have introduced high-quality supplements with a unique vision of serving people of all age groups. It is the most advanced concept of supplementation that introduces to the idea of the single-serving sachet. It is highly hygienic, convenient and premium-grade quality sports, and wellness nutrition.

With the several lab tests to back it up and a dedication to offer the best, the brand strives to develop the best and deliver superior products at the customer’s doorstep.

Being an athlete myself, I understand the complex and varied requirements of an athlete’s body, and this thought is central to the development of new and different products in our lineup.

Steadfast MediShield is the parent company specialised in renal care, with a decade of experience of working closely with doctors and renal patients. We understand the atrocities caused by the misuse of nutrition and fitness,  and have developed products by taking long-term well-being into the highest consideration. That’s how we proudly say “we understand organs better.” 

Steadfast Nutrition products

SMBS: What are your Points-of-Sale (PoS)

AP: Steadfast Nutrition is available at 120 outlets across Delhi/NCR, in multiple pharmacies, while also dominating in the pharma chain 98.4. The brand also has over 1,000 stores located across India. 

Steadfast Nutrition products are also sold in various institutions and are consumed by athletes preparing for the Olympic Games.

The manufacturing of Steadfast Nutrition supplements is done in six third-party manufacturing units located across the country. 

SMBS: What are your future prospects?

AP: We wish to increase our business portfolio and footprint in nutraceuticals innovations, and become the fastest-growing organisation. As a long-term goal, we aim to be the advisory for the healthcare sector for the country, followed by sub-continent. We also aim to build an organisational infrastructure that helps us to serve more people, and with an enhanced passion to ensure 360-degree excellence in the healthcare industry.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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