60-year-old differently-abled man from Gujarat recycles e-waste to build e-bikes

Despite his physical limitations, Vishnu Patel, 60, was determined to contribute to society and has built seven electric vehicles out of recycled e-waste.

Sixty-year-old Vishnu Patel from Surat, Gujarat, was born deaf and was afflicted by polio in his childhood. Despite these limitations and without any prior training or funds, he has managed to build electric vehicles out of recycled e-waste.

Patel claims that so far he has built seven battery-operated vehicles, which includes two-wheelers and three-wheelers, reports Republic World.

Vishnu Patel works on one of his e-bike projects. Source Outlook India

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Speaking to YourStory, Nikhil Patel, son of Vishnu Patel, said, “In a single charge, our battery-operated vehicle can go up to 35 to 45 km without any carbon emission. Further, considering the fact that a person with disability finds it difficult to reverse the vehicle, we are also introducing an onboard control, which allows the person to drive the vehicle backwards.”

One of the e-bikes built by Vishnu Patel in his workshop.

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What makes Patel’s invention unique is the fact that he uses discarded vehicle parts, TV remotes, mobile phones, and laptops to build these e-vehicles.

In an interview with ANI, he said,

People throw away electronic waste, but I am making bikes from it. I want to make three-wheelers for the differently-abled community.

The desire to build e-bikes began when Patel came across a YouTube video that showed how to make a bike from scrap. This motivated him to pursue his interest to build electrical bikes for differently-abled people. He has been doing this for the past seven months, Nikhil says.

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Most of us have heard about people creating art out of waste, but innovating to build something unique from waste without any funds and despite physical challenges is truly an achievement. Isn't it?

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