This summer, save birds from the scorching heat by taking up the #BirdBathChallenge

In a bid to save birds from the scorching heat, a group of IT professionals from Kochi in Kerala, are filling up vessels with water for birds to drink from, encouraging others to do the same.

The summer has been here for a while now and as India heats up, literally, we are all looking for ways to cool ourselves. If the heat can bother us, why not animals and birds too?

With the same thought in mind, Progressive Techies, a group of IT professionals in Kochi, Kerala, have come up with a solution to help out the birds beat the summer heat.

Members of the Progressive Techies team, source The News Minute.

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The team started the #BirdBathChallenge on April 3. And it’s easy as anything. Any individual accepting the challenge has to only keep a vessel, or a bowl filled with clean water for the birds outside their home or workspaces, reports The Logical Indian.

In a conversation with The News Minute, Anish Panthalani, a member of the Progressive Techies said,

Though this kind of a challenge is a first of its kind, we have tested the feasibility and effect of the campaign. Some of us had started experimenting this in our homes, and it was found to be very successful. Though only one or two birds showed up in the first few days, now there are frequent visitors, and a variety of birds.

The challenge also includes posting a picture of the individual taking up the task, and inviting five others to do the same.

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At Kochi’s InfoPark, techies are keeping water in earthen pots under trees, on rooftops of buildings and on walls. To make the challenge eco-friendly, the team avoids plastic containers and tubs. Anish added,

Apart from helping the birds stay cool in this summer, we have also made sure to use only earthen pots, steel vessels or other environmentally friendly products, reports The News Minute.

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