IT professional cycles 3,232 km from Chennai to Bhutan to spread awareness on polio vaccination

A member of the Rotary Club, Satish Kumar travelled from Chennai to Bhutan in a span of 45 days to create awareness on polio vaccination.

In 2014, India witnessed its last reported case of polio. Since then, in the last five years, there have been no polio cases. During the same year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared India a polio-free country. But there are chances that polio can spread among unvaccinated children.

Rotary International, with support from the Government of India and various state governments, is running a pulse polio campaign because of this. While several people are working for this cause, Satish Kumar, a member of the club, took a big step to spread further awareness.

Satish undertook a solo bicycle ride all the way from Chennai to Thimphu, Bhutan. The 28-year-old IT professional travelled 3,232 km in a span of 45 days, reports The Logical Indian.

Satish Kumar (Image: DT Next)

The Rotary Club member cycled through various cities across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, and finally into Bhutan. During his trip, he went to 33 Rotary Clubs, 10 schools, and colleges. He also interacted with over 1,000 students and citizens about the importance of polio vaccination.


Speaking to DT Next about polio vaccination, Satish said,

“Since people crossing the border increases the risk of polio spread in the country, I decided I will speak at educational institutes en route to Bhutan about the disease.”

The funds he required was raised through Rotary Club donations, and the bicycle worth Rs 35,000 was bought by the club.

Speaking on the motive behind his cycling tour, he said,

“I thought when I was a child 25 years ago, I was given this polio vaccine and because of it, I am healthy and active today. I am able to travel to places and pursue my dream. So, I immediately thought that we should do this to spread awareness about polio and help eradicate it from the whole world”, reports The Logical Indian.

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