Despite speech impairment, this 32-year-old is proving to be a true patriot by picking up discarded national flags

Priyaranjan Sarkar from West Bengal has been collecting national flags from streets, sidewalks, dump yards, and even from the drains since he was nine.

Every year, as we celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day with a lot of fervour, many of us are unaware of the fact that hoisting the flag is governed by many laws. Flouting these laws is also a punishable offence with a one-year prison sentence.

And despite this, after the celebrations, we can see these flags being thrown away carelessly on roads and in dustbins.

Priyaranjan Sarka (Image: Newz Pole)

Making a difference on this front is 32-year-old Priyaranjan Sarkar. A true patriot, Priyaranjan, who has difficulties in speech, has been collecting national flags thrown in the open.

Hailing from Bali in West Bengal, he has been collecting flags since he was nine, and has stored them in a large box at his home.

However, this isn’t new for Priyaranjan, who keeps collecting flags from streets, sidewalks, dump yards, and even from the drains. Despite his efforts, people never noticed his love for the nation, and many even termed him as a madman and a ragpicker.

Now, things have changed, and a few like-minded people have joined him in the noble cause.

From flags stained with pan to flags with shoe stamps - nothing seems to stop these volunteers from collecting the flags, reports Efforts for Good.

A patriotic feeling since childhood

Priyaranjan had a difficult childhood and had to struggle to get enrolled in a school due to his speech problem.

When he was three, Priyaranjan once saw his mother picking up a national flag lying on the road, reports Loksatta. When he asked his mother, she said,

“The flag is the saree of India’s mother. That is why if you ever see a flag like this, pick it up.”

This led to his fascination towards flags at an early age. Further, his love for the country increased after he learnt about the Indian Army.

According to Priyaranjan, if Indian soldiers are willing to die for the honour of the Indian flag, then, as an ordinary citizen, I can at least raise the flag lying on road.

Priyaranjan told Loksatta: “I am not affiliated with any political party because of my love and thinking towards our country.”

(Edited by Megha Reddy)

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