This MLA from Kerala is asking people to ditch flower bouquets and present him with books instead

From school students to the elderly, everyone has sent VK Prasanth books. In just three days, the MLA from Kerala has collected about 3,000 books.

We often see how our representatives of the State and Central governments are received when they are the chief guest at a ceremony or they attend an event. Several garlands, souvenirs, and many other decorative presentations are a common practice, and it has been so for decades.

Amid such practice, this MLA from Kerala stands out. VK Prasanth recently announced that he wouldn't accept any garlands or gifts from his supporters, and has instead requested that books be presented. Last week, the MLA had put up a post on his Facebook page requesting everyone to greet him with books.

MLA VK Prasanth (Image: Facebook)

Talking about the response, Prasanth told The News Minute,

“What I saw the next morning was overwhelming. We have received more than 3,000 books in three days. At such short notice, so many people have come forward to donate books. If they were informed much earlier, we could have collected so many more.”

The books have come from people across ages. From school students to the elderly, everyone has sent him books.

According to the Indian Express, these books will be donated to the libraries of various government schools in the constituency.

Prasanth added,

“Some government schools here had approached me asking if I could do anything to start school libraries. With the books we have collected now, libraries can be started in three schools.”

The MLA's action comes as an echo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's. In 2017, when he visited Kerala, he had requested people to gift him a book instead of a bouquet. Following this, the Ministry of Home Affairs made it mandatory that no one present flower bouquets to the Prime Minister on his tours across India.

(Edited by Suman Singh)

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