This tea seller from Kanpur spends 80pc of his earnings to educate underprivileged children

Mohammad Mahboob Malik runs a small tea stall in Kanpur and donates around Rs 20,000 every month towards the education of underprivileged children in his neighbourhood.

Education is a basic human right and yet a pipe dream for many of India’s children. While the government is doing its bit through various measures and state-run programmes, there is a constant need for more action. A little help from citizens too can go a long way, however seemingly small the effort may be.

Take Rajesh Kumar Sharma, for example, who teaches around 300 students at present in a makeshift school set up under a bridge. Just like Rajesh, Mohammad Mahboob Malik too feels strongly about education.

An owner of a tea stall in Kanpur, Mohammad is taking care of the education of 40 children in his neighbourhood studying from kindergarten to fourth class.

Mohammad Mahboob Malik (Image: Dainik Bhaskar)

Mohammad spends Rs 20,000 every month to support the education of the children.

Speaking to Danik Bhaskar he said,

“In 2017, I opened a coaching centre for destitute children from my savings. When my friend Nilesh came to know about my work he suggested I start an NGO to cater and support the coaching centre to the needs of students.”

Following this, Mohammed started an NGO by the name 'Maa Tujhe Salaam Foundation’, which is providing education and materials for school like uniforms, bags, and stationery to children for free. The school has three teachers who are teaching for free.

Before the coaching centre, the 29-year-old, started with a school back in 2015, by selling tea every day on the footpath of Sharda Nagar intersection. During national and State-level exams for engineering and medical, Mohammad offers free tea to aspirants who visit his stall.

According to NDTV, Mohammad’s efforts moved VVS Lakshman to take to Twitter, where the former Indian batsman tweeted,

“Mohammad Mahboob Malik, a tea seller from Kanpur, takes care of education for 40 children. He has a small tea shop and spends 80% of his income on the education of these children. What an inspiration!”

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)

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