This 21-year-old’s map aims to pin down sexual harassment-prone areas in Bengaluru city

Designed by Nupur Patny, a Bengaluru-based student, the map, called ‘Its not my fault’, hopes to create awareness about sexual harassment zones in the city and help bring down crime.

Safety remains the top concern for women in India. In the light of the rape and murder of the Hyderabad vet last week, the subject of sexual violence and crime has come to the forefront again, demanding immediate attention and action.

While the government condemns violent incidents and debates on various solutions to punish the perpetrators, some individuals have taken matters into their own hands to bring about change.

Nupur Patny (Image: Indian Express)

Twenty-one-year-old Nupur Patny, a student of the Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bengaluru, has created an map that shows areas most prone to sexual harassment in the city. The concept behind the map, called ‘It's not my fault’, would help the victim, citizens and police to curb crimes of this nature.

In a conversation with The Logical Indian, Nupur said,

“The mapping is a part of my examination to check if women are able to come out to report harassment like eve-teasing, groping, and accidental nudging, etc. It is my academic project, which is about curating an extended mobile feature on the camera (Google Camera) which can work as post-incident support. The victims can report the harassment prone areas and alert the non-victims about the danger and the police.”

For Nupur, the next step would be to develop an augmented reality-based heat map. In this, with the help of temperature variation, sexual harassment prone areas can be identified.

The map creator states that her application is a free space for women who can share about their experiences in specific locations.

To bring the map into the limelight, Nupur met Bengaluru City Police Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, who showed an interest in her project.

The Commissioner said,

“This is a great initiative which she [Nupur] has taken up, which we as police persons will not be able to do but it will be of tremendous value to us. So I called the young girl here and said you can do something beyond this. And she had her team of friends who are very much willing to come and help us to make a diagram of Bengaluru where women's harassment takes place the most. Definitely, this input will be very useful for us to fix surveillance cameras for our Bengaluru safe city project”, reports India Today.

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