Founded by three friends, Inqui-lab helps young students in Hyderabad think out-of-the-box and innovate

The Hyderabad-based lab provides innovative learning methods to children from Class VI to X in over 20 schools in the city.

You need not be a college graduate to innovate or invent something. Sometimes all it takes a an out-of-the-box approach.

For example, 10-year-old Asif has developed magnetic shirt buttons for his disabled friend who couldn’t button up his shirts. Another innovative invention is a solar-powered helmet that doesn’t let you sweat and keeps your head cool with a mini fan.

Magnetic Buttons (Image: The Logical Indian)

These and many more innovative concepts have been developed by students who were taught to think different and from a whole new perspective by the Inqui-Lab Foundation in Hyderabad that aims to train young minds.

The lab is now working with over 20 schools in Hyderabad and over 700 students from 24 different classrooms. The lab has also been able to support students to come up with over 1,800 design submissions and over 200 prototypes. The lab conducts training sessions for students from Class VI to X.

Founded by Eshwar Bandi, Sahithya Anumolu and Vivek Piddempally, Inqui-Lab was set up in 2017 to provide programmes that bridge the gap in application skills. The lab aims to develop the skills and creativity of students through its IDOC approach, that stands for Inspire, Design, Optimize and Create.

Speaking to Edex Live about how Inqui-Lab differs from other innovation programmes like Atal Tinkering Lab, Eshwar said,

“They will give you the material and ask you to come up with something. Infrastructure is fundamental for them, but that is not the case with us."

The lab provides a basic kit with tools like magnet, wires etc, with which students can build prototypes of their ideas and concepts.

Eshwar added,

“Simply put, some of the ideas might be simplistic or might suffer from implementation issues on a large scale, but if a student can use the concepts they learn to come up with a plausible solution, the foundation considers it a success. What's more, they do this under the supervision of their fellow-schoolmates who have been trained by the Foundation to guide, mentor, and supervise them.”

Following the learning approach, the lab witnessed Design and Innovation being inducted in the curriculum of 15 social welfare schools in Telangana.

With additional support from Salesforce India, the Telangana State Innovation Cell and Hyderabad-based NGO Yuva Varadhi and the founders, the lab introduced Think and Make innovation programme for Class VIII students, reports The Logical Indian.

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