Meet the Class 9 student from Odisha whose ‘smart’ water dispenser impressed Russia’s Vladimir Putin

P Biswanath Patra has built a smart water dispenser, that aids in the conservation of drinking water.
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With climate change and depleting water resources being the burning issues of our times, a young student has endeavoured to find a solution to conserve water by developing an innovative and “smart” water dispenser.

P Biswanath Patra, a Class 9 student from Berhampur, Odisha has built an impressive water dispenser, as part of the Deep Technology Education Program, which took place in Sochi, Russia held in collaboration with NITI Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), reports NDTV.

The event, hosted by educational centre SIRIUS was held from November 28-December 8 and had a total of 50 participants, which included 25 students from India.

Biswanath Patra speaking to President Vladimir Putin (Image Credit: The Hindu)

‘Smart water dispenser’ is an electronic water flow controlling mechanism that can replace the water meter and provide control of amount of water supply to the authorities for equal distribution. Cost of the prototype was just Rs 2,000. Its main components include an easily available microprocessor, a solenoid valve and a flow sensor, reports The Hindu.

Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, shared a video from the event, which garnered over 2000 likes on Twitter. In the video, Biswanath can be seen explaining his invention with the help of a translator.

The Chief Minister wrote on Twitter, "Congratulate Class IX student of Berhampur, P Biswanath Patra for being a part of Deep Technology Education Program in Sochi, Russia with his innovative water dispenser. His innovation to solve water crisis has been appreciated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Best Wishes.”

Biswanath’s invention also received praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The young inventor told Odisha TV, “Meeting Russian President was overwhelming as he has been co-operating in enhancing nuclear energy ties with India. Seeing students like me taking interest in nuclear energy field, Putin said such bond between the two countries should continue.”

The participants discussed innovation practices, under categories ranging from IT Data & Analytics, Clean Energy, Biotech, Pharma, Clean Energy, and Remote Earth Sensing and Drones and Robotics, etc., reports NDTV.

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