Coronavirus: These Goa-based lifeguards are distributing food to the stray dogs on the beaches

Dhrishti Marine is distributing food and water to the stray dogs across the beaches of Goa amid the coronavirus-led lockdown.

With a protracted lockdown in place, stray animals on the roads have been devoid of getting any food or water. While restaurants and eateries have been shut, many strays, especially dogs, have been starving on the roads.

And to help feed the stray dogs across the beaches of Goa, a lifeguard agency Dhrishti Marine, is distributing food as part of the #teramerabeach initiative.

Stray dogs being fed in bowls (Image: Edex Live)

The agency has stepped in to make up for all the closed beach shacks along the coastal stretches of the state from which these dogs and birds used to get their everyday scraps.

About 200 dogs in between Baga and Sinquerim move around in packs of 10 and 12 and live around these beach shacks.

Ravi Shankar, Executive Director, Drishti Marine told Edex Live, "Last week, we stepped in to assist. At all of our 38 lifeguard towers across the coast, we have created a water station for the strays. A large bowl of water which is constantly replenished with freshwater offers respite from the harsh summer heat to the stray animals and birds.”

The organisation distributes about 30 kg of food and about 30 litres of water to these dogs every day through its network of lifeguards. Further, they lay out food in bowls while on their patrolling rounds on the beach, and collect the bowls on their way back.

"Thanks to Cohiba, which has graciously opened its kitchens for us to cook a hearty meal for the strays of rice, meat broth, and turmeric, we are now able to feed the dogs between Sinquerim and Baga. In South Goa, we have made arrangements for food to be distributed at Colva, Betalbatim, Arossim, Mobor, Palolem, and Baina," Ravi told UNI.

The coronavirus pandemic has now recorded about 184,614 deaths worldwide with more than 2.6 million positive cases. In India, about 681 deaths with more than 21,000 confirmed cases have been reported so far, according to Worldometer, a real-time population tracker.

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Edited by Suman Singh