Coronavirus: This woman farmer from Odisha is distributing vegetables for free across 15 villages

Chhayarani Sahu has been providing free vegetables since the coronavirus-lockdown was announced on March 24

Be it the common man, corporates, NGOs, or the government, numerous initiatives have been carried out to fulfil a greater good in these difficult times. And, the vast number of migrant labourers and daily wagers in India have been affected the most during the coronavirus pandemic. 

While a majority of them belong to the rural pockets of India, and are currently stuck in different states with no means to earn their living and send money home, Chhayarani Sahu, a farmer from Odisha, has been distributing her vegetable produce for free, to the residents of about 15 villages. She started her endeavour, along with her family since the lockdown was announced on March 24. 

“People are contributing to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister’s relief fund. Since I do not have cash in hand, I decided to contribute to the society by distributing vegetables from my farm among villagers. It gives me immense pleasure as people appreciate my endeavour and bless my children,” she told The New Indian Express

One month hence, Chhayarani and her family have distributed over 50 quintals of fresh vegetables to villages, including Bhairabpur, Alabaga, Lunga, Brahmanigaon, Binayakpur, and some wards of the Basudevpur municipality in the Bhadrak district of the state. She distributes an assortment of vegetables like tomatoes, pumpkins, brinjals, ladyfingers, carrots, beets, green chillies, as well as spinach.

Chhayarani Sahu (Image: The Better India)

“I had been doing this before the lockdown as well. Whenever people are in need, I help out by distributing vegetables and milk to them. People would come home to collect vegetables. Besides, I would also give one to two kilograms of ghee for various yajnas (rituals), and distribute milk among senior citizens who don’t rear cattle,” she told The Better India.

Hailing from a village called Kuruda in the Bhadrak district, Chhayarani has been growing vegetables on her seven-acre farm for the last 20 years. Besides that, she rears 20 cows and earns a living through dairy farming as well. Her husband, Sarbeswar Sahu, also assists her in her endeavours, and runs a milk society as well.

The district of Bhadrak has become a new hotspot for the coronavirus spread in the state after a few migrant labourers entered Odisha from the neighbouring West Bengal. As of Monday, Odisha has recorded about 108 positive COVID-19 cases with one death reported. 

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Edited by Suman Singh


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