72-year-old beggar woman from Chhattisgarh donates ration and money to assist the needy

Despite being poverty-stricken, Sukhwati Manikpuri gave away rice, clothes, and money to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many livelihoods in disarray, with many facing undeniable poverty, and requiring support when it comes to food and shelter. In such times, before carrying out an act of kindness, many put their family’s needs first, before helping out others. 

Bringing a smile to faces in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district is Sukhmati Manikpuri, a woman who begs for a living. Amid these stressful and trying times, she has donated one quintal of rice, about a dozen sarees, and some cash for the needy. 

The 72-year-old donated these with the help of the corporator of her area Vijay Kesharwani. She convened with him, and handed over the rice and the clothes that she had received by begging. 

“I understand the hunger pangs. I started begging more to arrange whatever possible for these needy and helpless people. No one should sleep hungry,” Sukhwati said, as reported by SheThePeople.

Being a widow and also having to take the responsibility of her two granddaughters Raj Lakshmi (16) and Shrishti (10), who go to a government school, her deeds have taken officials by surprise. She received a commendation from Dr Sanjay Alang, District Collector, Bilaspur. 

Sukhwati Manikpuri and one of her granddaughters (Image: The New Indian Express)

“I have been witnessing the agony of the needy amid lockdown. I, myself, make a living by begging. And, I donated whatever I could arrange to a corporator of the Bilaspur Municipal Corporation. During these trying moments, we should help each other,” she told The New Indian Express. 

It was after she lost her husband that she resorted to begging. Other than Sukhwati, there is nobody to take care and educate her granddaughters. 

Her act of kindness will hopefully serve as an encouragement for those who want to come forward and help humanity. Despite living a poverty-ridden life, she has gone out of her way to help the needy. 

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Edited by Suman Singh


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