Tea seller in Madurai spends part of his income to feed the needy amid COVID-19 crisis

Despite earning a paltry income himself, Tamilarasan, a tea seller from Alanganallur in Madurai, is giving away a part of it to feed the poor and homeless.

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged thousands of people into poverty, especially daily wage workers, migrant labourers and low-salaried employees. With businesses shutting down and industries halting their operations, most of their jobs were wiped out, leaving them with no income. 

Many individuals and NGOs are reaching out to help the needy during these difficult times. Tamilarasan, a tea seller from Alanganallur in Maduari, is one. 

Madurai-based tea seller Tamilarasan.

The man brews tea at home, pours it into containers and loads them onto his bicycle before going around the town to sell. Despite earning a paltry income himself, Tamilarasan is giving away a part of it to feed the poor and homeless individuals. 

“I sell tea on a bicycle every morning and evening in the surrounding villages of Alankanallur, Mettupatti, and Pudupatti from which I get a decent daily income,” Tamilarsan told ANI.

“Whenever I sell tea, I give it free to the poor and needy who flock at the roadside and near the temple gates. I also reserve a portion of my income which goes solely into feeding them thrice a day,” he added.

Ever since Tamilarasan’s effort was shared on social media, several netizens have been applauding his initiative. 

The chaiwallah’s dream is to set up his own shop in the locality and lend a helping hand to a lot more people belonging to the economically weaker sections of society, reports Hindustan Times. The Madurai resident also mentioned that the loan he had applied for in the past was rejected by the bank since he did not have a collateral. 

Tamilarasan’s kindness and generosity is inspiring many more citizens to step out of their comfort zones and provide aid during the pandemic. 

Edited by Javed Gaihlot