These Tamil Nadu women used their sarees to rescue youngsters from drowning

In a heroic act, Senthamizh Selvi (38), Muthamaal (34), and Ananthavalli (34) rescued two youths from drowning in the Marudaiyaru dam using their sarees.

While some heroes wear capes, some wear sarees. Recently, in the Kottarai village in Tamil Nadu, three women rescued two youths from drowning in the village’s dam by using their sarees.

Senthamizh Selvi (38), Muthamaal (34) and Ananthavalli (34) | (Image: The New Indian Express)

On August 6, 12 youngsters from the nearby Siruvachchur village went to play a game of cricket near the dam in Kottarai, where three women Senthamizh Selvi (38), Muthamaal (34), and Ananthavalli (34), hailing from Adanurai village, had just finished bathing and washing their clothes.

"We were about to go home when the group arrived. They looked around the dam and asked us about bathing here. We warned them that the water would be deep. But, four of the youngsters somehow slipped and fell in," Senthamizh Selvi told The New Indian Express.

The Kottarai dam is being constructed across the Marudaiyaru river at Rs 108 crore expenditure. In the past few weeks, the water in the dam had increased due to incessant rain.

"We removed our sarees without thinking of anything and threw them into the water. We managed to save two boys, but the other two drowned while we were trying to save them. We were inside the water, but still couldn’t reach them," she said. 

Thanks to the quick-wittedness of the three ladies, two youngsters Karthick and Senthivelan survived the ordeal, while Pavithran and Ranjith, a trainee doctor, drowned in the dam.

Meanwhile, netizens applauded these women and took to Twitter to post about the same. One user tweeted, “Respect! Not all heroes wear capes, some wear sarees.”

According to the latest reports, Tamil Nadu has received 56 percent more rainfall this monsoon season from June 1 to August 10, and most of the dams in the state have seen an increase in the water level, raising concerns among residents.

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Edited by Suman Singh


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