This woman bus driver from Himachal Pradesh helps transport people amidst the pandemic

Seema Thakur is the sole woman driver among 8,813 employees in the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation and is breaking gender stereotypes every single day.

Writer, activist, and law scholar Bosa Sebele once said, “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

And, Himachal Pradesh resident Seema Thakur has been an epitome of this force. Being the only woman driver among a total of 8,813 employees as part of the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC), Seema is breaking gender stereotypes every single day, reports The Logical Indian

Seema Thakur, the sole woman bus driver in Himachal Pradesh.

Image credit: ANI

From waking up in the morning to manoeuvring through the rugged and lofty paths of Shimla, Seema is doing it all. Even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, she is stepping out of her comfort zone to be at the forefront of helping people in the state. 

“I am the first woman bus driver in the state of Himachal Pradesh. I joined HRTC as a driver on May 5, 2016. I am serving amid the COVID-19 period too. Doctors, nurses, and policewomen are also serving right now. I feel I am fulfilling a similar kind of duty,” Seema told ANI

Seema, who lives with her father, mother, and brother, says she derives a great deal of satisfaction from driving. 

“I feel happy to serve the people as a bus driver. I do have constant fear when I enter my home after my duty, but we are trying to follow all precautions and guidelines. I would appeal to everyone that we need to practice self-discipline to keep ourselves safe from coronavirus,” she added.

During the lockdown and even after, Seema took it upon herself to assist citizens to move around after receiving the requisite permission from the state transport corporation. Several locals and daily commuters have appreciated and recognised her courage and conviction of working in a male-dominated profession. 

Meena Adhikari, an elderly woman commuter, says,

“It is a proud moment, and I feel happy that a young girl is serving the people during the times of COVID-19. She is a brave girl and the only woman driver in the region. I would tell others to come forward and serve humanity and make Himachal Pradesh a proud state.”
Edited by Suman Singh