‘Bharat Ratna for Ratan Tata’: Twitterati campaign in full support

Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata, is once again the talk among the netizens who are urging the government to confer the industrialist with the honours and are trying to grab officials' attention with the hashtag #BharatRatnaForRatanTata.
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Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group Ratan Tata is known for his social causes and philanthropic efforts, which have been brought into the limelight for all the right reasons, once again.

Netizens are in full support for giving his efforts the recognition he deserves. After renowned businessman and motivational speaker Dr Vivek Bhindra, tweeted about conferring the highest civilian award to the octogenarian, his tweet has once again popularised the hashtag #BharatRatnaForRatanTata, further encouraging Twitterati to start a campaign for the same.

He had tweeted, “Ratan Tata believes today's generation of entrepreneurs can take India to the next level. We confer the country's highest civilian award Bharat Ratna for @RNTata2000. Join us in our campaign #BharatRatnaForRatanTata #RequestByDrVivekBindra.”

Followed by Bhindra’s tweet, within no time, a number of Twitteratis also began broadcasting the trend, urging the government to place the honours and attracting the attention of higher officials.

One user wrote, “A person who dedicated his entire life for building the strong pillars of India, We request GOI to give Bharat Ratna to sir Ratan Tata”

Another user shared, “A Great Personality who needs no introduction Sir Ratan Tata Deserves The Highest Civilian Award " Bharat Ratna ". I Request government of India to nominate his name for Bharat Ratna.”

Some users also reminded us of the time when he displayed the characteristics of a true leader during the 26/11 terrorist attacks, which was centred primarily around his hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.

The octogenarian industrialist is renowned for his charitable works and his helping nature towards his employees. Last month, the visited his ailing former employee in Pune without any fanfare.

Tata also has furry friends and is a proponent of dogs and animal welfare, as was evident by his adoption requests for two abandoned dogs on his Instagram.

While these incidents are just a drop in his ocean of kindness, he truly stands as a role model to all the young entrepreneurs today.

Edited by Kanishk Singh