This post master treks 10 km through forest area to deliver pension to a 110-year-old woman

S Christuraja, a 55-year-old postmaster from Tamil Nadu, travels nearly 10 km once a month to deliver the pension of a 110-year-old woman by trekking through the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve forest.

In the age of the internet and digital banking, 55-year-old postmaster S Christuraja has been trekking through thick forests and tough terrains in the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve forest area to deliver the pension of a 110-year-old woman.

It all started when, during one of her visits to the post office, 110-year-old Kuttiyammal was assured by the Collector that her pension would be brought to her safely every month. This responsibility was given to the India Post Office from where S Christuraja took over as he manages that branch alone.

Kuttiyammal lives at the top of a hill in an area called Injikuzhi. To reach her on time, Christuraja has to start his journey at 7 am. He usually takes a 4 km boat ride and has to treks 10 kms after that. But when the water in the dam isn’t sufficiently high, he has to take a longer route and trek for 25 kms. He eats breakfast by the stream in the middle of the forest. He then stops at a temple where he takes a bath. After delivering the pension, he takes the path down the hill and returns home by 5 pm.

Image: TNIE

The Senior Superintendent of Post Office, Sivaji Ganesh, told truescoopnews that no one else was willing to take up this challenge. It was only Christuraja who embarks on this journey every month without fail to make life easier for the 110-year-old woman.

“Christuraja is able to work with the people and reach the hamlet. Earlier, postal staff used to arm themselves before visiting such remote areas,” Ganesh told TNIE. As for Kuttiyammal, her relative Iyyappan (40) says that access to the pension has brought her immense peace of mind.

(Written by Vrinda Garg)

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