From a selfless software professional to a sustainable textile startup: Top Social Stories of the week

This week, SocialStory focussed on stories ranging from infrastructural improvement for sports to fundraising to bridge the digital divide for students.

Diving deep into sustainability, renewable energy and social service, this week’s top stories explore a wide gamut of interesting topics that caught our eye. 

[Monday Motivation] This corporate professional has dedicated his life for selfless deeds, volunteering with over 60 social groups

For Pune-based Sathya Natarajan, volunteering with social causes was a habit that was inculcated in him since his childhood. Early on, he was involved in fundraising for school buildings and went on to join the National Service Scheme (NSS) to help clean a heritage well.

As an adult, he became even more committed to social service and to issues relating to the environment, education, health, hygiene, and dignity of labor. Since 2009, he has worked with nearly 60 social groups and is striving to make his individual contribution to ending inequality and transforming the world around him for the better.

How renewable energy with hybrid storage can be a gamechanger for India

Shreyas Gowda, Vice President,  Solar Products and Services at Oorjan, believes renewable energy paired with hybrid storage is the way forward for a sustainable future. Currently, one of the major challenges in the space is using the unused energy that is produced. The solution could lie in renewable hybrid technology which combines generated renewable energy from solar or wind, with storage options such as battery or pumped hydro. 

With an almost 1.3 billion population, why can we still not produce enough medallists on the world stage?

Although our athletes gave it their best at the Tokyo Games this year, India’s medal haul was still abysmal compared to the number of people we have in the country.

This week’s Good Governance story attempts to decode the infrastructural investments that other countries have made that give their teams advantages and the lessons that India can take away from this year’s experience. 

[Sustainability Agenda] How this startup is using innovative bamboo and nettle fabrics to create sustainable clothing

Founded by Zoya Wahi and Nitij Singh, Delhi-based textile startup Aslee is leading the way to counteract exploitative and unsustainable ‘fast fashion’ practices. With clothes made of sustainable fabrics like nettle, hemp, and bamboo, Aslee works to create an understanding of why people need to be more mindful about their shopping preferences and how ethically sourced clothing can benefit every person in the supply chain. 

How Salaam Bombay Foundation is curbing the digital divide through performing arts

According to the World Economic Forum, about 320 million learners in India are adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and have transitioned to e-learning. But connectivity issues and lack of access to devices have led to many students falling behind in this process. 

Salaam Bombay Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO that works with vulnerable school-going children from low-income communities recognised that art forms are an important part of student development. In their efforts to overcome the digital divide, SBF has started a fundraiser called ‘Raushni – Lighting Up Lives in collaboration with theatre enthusiast Tia Advani. Through a stage production titled “Bridge The Gap”, they hope to raise funds to provide data packs and technological devices to SBF students to make online learning possible for them amidst the pandemic.

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Edited by Anju Narayanan


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