On World Bamboo Day, a look at some startups building sustainable products

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This World Bamboo Day, we bring you a list of some startups that are locally manufacturing bamboo alternatives to single-use plastic products for daily use.

Single-use plastic has been an integral part of our lives, be it in our lunchboxes, toothbrushes, or water bottles, cutlery, and more. However, all these daily products harm our health and environment in multiple ways.

To help people make better choices, many startups have successfully rolled out greener and cleaner alternatives that can help reduce plastic pollution. These companies are disrupting the industry with their innovative and eco-friendly products made from bamboo and other natural resources.

This World Bamboo Day, we bring you startups that are making a mark through their locally manufactured bamboo products. Let’s take a look. 

1. ONEarth

Started in January 2020, ONEarth (My ONEarth) offers a range of natural products made from only three ingredients — bamboo, coconut coir, and coconut shell, which is a waste product for farmers. It has products in several ranges, including kitchen and home décor, personal care, travel, fashion, and stationery. These are cutlery made from coconut shells, bamboo toothbrushes, other dental hygiene products, plantable seed pencils, among others.

2. Aslee

Started by Zoya Wahi and Nitij Singh, sustainable fashion startup Aslee makes a range of apparel from ethically sourced, sustainable materials including hemp, bamboo, and nettle.

3. Beco

Consumer goods startup Beco (Be Eco) was founded in 2017. The startup is known for manufacturing sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic products such as facial tissues, toilet rolls, and kitchen towels.  

Most of Beco’s items are made from bamboo pulp and corn starch, and hence, are completely eco-friendly. 

4. Pappco Greenware

Started in 2011, this Mumbai startup sells seven different product lines with over 150 items, ranging from plates, glasses, and bowls. They are made from sugarcane, wheat straw, and bamboo, among others. It also leverages bioplastics created from plants, algae, or microorganisms. 

5. Zogam Bamboo Works

V Ginkhanpau and Golan Suanzamung Naulak run an eco-friendly handicrafts venture by the name Zogam Bamboo Works in Lamka, Manipur. The duo uses bamboo to make pens, water bottles, and decorative pieces


6. Ecobuddy

Started in 2019, Ecobuddy produces substitutes for single-use plastic products. Some of the products manufactured include bamboo toothbrushes, cotton bags, bamboo toothbrush travel kits, stainless steel straws, stainless straw kits, bamboo fibre coffee cups, stainless steel tongue cleaners, and cotton bags for fruits and veggies. Besides this, Ecobuddy also conducts awareness workshops on composting, as well as tree plantation drives, to enlighten people. 

7. Bambrew 

Bengaluru-based Bambrew manufactures bamboo straws, cutlery, and packaging materials with the help of tribals in the Northeast. The team works towards sustainability, offering various eco-friendly products made from sugarcane, seaweed, and bamboo. These products are handmade, reusable, and, hence, are a natural substitute for plastic. 

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Edited by Kanishk Singh


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