TalentSprint and IIM-C’s new course proves why AI and marketing is a potent combination
About the session

Every single human being on this planet is a storehouse of data. If harnessed correctly through Artificial Intelligence (AI), this data can help create incredible customer experiences, personalised content and targeted audiences. However, AI is an underused weapon in today’s marketing campaigns, with agencies utilising a mere 5 percent of the data available. Traditional marketing is stymied in its efforts to use customer data, and digital agencies are still hesitant to use a relatively new technology.

Spotting this gap, TalentSprint, in association with IIM-C, is now offering the Artificial Intelligence-Powered Marketing course. Taught over six months, the course offers live interactive classes, real-life case studies, capstone projects, a campus visit and more. 

To discuss the course, and all things AI and marketing are Shridhar K, Chief Business Officer at TalentSprint and Aritro Bhattacharyya, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing at TalentSprint. Listen in to this freewheeling interview with YourStory’s Associate Programme Producer Shivani Muthanna, as they discuss how AI can optimise marketing campaigns, TalentSprint’s partnership with IIM-C, AI-driven marketing, and different facets of the course.

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