Daily Dispatch By YourStory | Thursday 25th March 2021

About the session

Here is your daily dose of the hottest news from startup world served alongside an interesting conversation with Sanjay Jha, Co-founder & CPO of MyStartupEquity and Varun Khaitan, Co-founder of UrbanCompany.


Sanjay Jha
Former chairman & CEO, Motorola Mobility

Varun Khaitan
Co-Founder, UrbanClap
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Top moments from the video
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1 Urban Company founder on the need for ESOP incentives in startups
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2 MyStartupEquity CEO on the need for simple, open-source ESOP policy documentation
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3 Urban Company founder on the THREE key learnings from their ESOPs program
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4 Varun Khaitan's KEY recommendations while setting up an ESOPs program
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