Daily Dispatch By YourStory | Monday 22nd February
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Get the latest update on everything interesting happening in and around the startup world for the day, along with an interesting discussion with Gautam Chopra, Co-founder & CEO at BeatO on this episode of #DailyDispatch by YourStory


Gautam Chopra
Co-Founder & CEO, BeatO
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Top moments from the video
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1 BeatO CEO on how COVID has led to better user awareness, engagement, and health
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2 Using bundling and subscription models, and THREE key growth areas at BeatO
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3 Gautam Chopra on BeatO's active user base, and clinical success
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4 BeatO CEO on increased interest in HealthTech and BeatO funding plans
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5 CEO on manufacturing at BeatO and entering into device partnerships
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