Daily Dispatch By YourStory | Tuesday 9th March 2021
About the session

Here is everything interesting happening in and around the startup world for the day along with an interesting discussion with Rahul Khanna, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Trifecta Capital on this episode of #DailyDispatch by YourStory


Rahul Khanna
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Trifecta Capital
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Top moments from the video
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1 Rahul Khanna on raising money for Trifecta's second fund
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2 Founder shares IRR and deployment metrics for Trifecta Capital
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3 Rahul Khanna on how lockdown validated adoption theses, increasing investor interest
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4 Trifecta Capital founder comments on the high valuations of India's top startups
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5 Rahul Khanna on how exits are impacted by fund horizons
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6 Rahul Khanna on plans to raise a third fund at Trifecta Caital
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