Deepak Jayaraman on making the right choices for long-lasting impact on your business

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Entrepreneurship often starts with an idea, a laptop and a dream. Your hard work, productivity, collaboration, consistency, choices you make, and the lengths you go to protect it, can be the secret sauce to making the dream a reality. 

To commemorate the launch of Windows 11, YourStory has curated a unique five-part series titled #StartYourWin, featuring five founders from the startup ecosystem to celebrate extraordinary resilience, belief and persistence. 

In our second episode, we focused on how the choices you make can be key to unlocking growth for you and your business. The episode featured Deepak Jayaraman the creator and curator of the Play To Potential Podcast, and an Executive Coach and Transition Advisor. At his podcast on, Deepak finds it fulfilling to make a difference to people at these pivotal points in their journey with his mentorship.

Choices can make or break a project or an entire business – and they often involve complex and unpredictable interpersonal issues, too, and Deepak spoke about how making the right choices can truly have an inspiring and long-lasting impact, not just on our businesses, but on our personal and professional lives.

You don't have to be constrained by what’s visible in front of you,” he advises, talking about freeing oneself from the restrictrictive perception of choice, and pushing past conventional wisdom to make a decision. “Be creative in generating options for yourself,” he adds.

Being a leader is also about making tough choices. And when one is confronted with a tough choice, Deepak advocates being true to yourself and what you want from life. “Articulate the why. Figure out the question – sharpen it. Spend a disproportionate amount of time defining the question. Understand the problem from the point of view of the different stakeholders. ‘Precrastination’- where people rush into decisions, is not helpful. Marinate in your choice for a while and let the answer emerge,” advises Deepak.

Do watch the video for more insights from Deepak on making the right choices for long-lasting personal and professional impact.

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