Dell Technovation Talkies: How Dell helps Aureate Labs create the best online experiences for its eCommerce customers
About the session

Aureate Labs was started in 2009 with the mission to provide clients with the latest technology solutions to tackle the challenges of the modern market.

They aim to give customers the best online experience by crafting a highly interactive store which will help their clients stand out from the competition, engage their customers and drive sales. 

From strategy and creative through to technical development - they work collaboratively with clients to provide the best possible experience, skills, and development to help businesses achieve their goals. So far, Aureate has successfully launched projects for global brands.

For over a decade they have served numerous clients from startups to enterprises across wholesale and retail, hospitality, healthcare, fashion, jewellery, beauty, finance, automotive & transportation and consumer goods segments.

Piyush Lathiya, Founder and CEO of Aureate Labs talks about their incredible growth journey, how they help customers across geographies, and how Dell Technologies and its products helped the company on its journey.

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