This dog-lover built Rs 1.2 cr online business on Flipkart
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His love for dogs saw Ankit Pahuja teaming up with Varun Kalra and Sidharth Gulati to start Foodie Puppies, an online retail business for pet food and accessories. From food to beds to carry cases, Foodie Puppies’ product catalog boasts of over 3,000 different products. 

Set up in 2015, Faridabad-based Foodie Puppies saw steady growth over the years. “When we launched on Flipkart, we would get an order or two a day. Four years later, we are averaging at around 800-900 orders and clocking an annual revenue of Rs 1.2 cr.”  He says this contributes to 70 percent of Foodie Puppies’ total business. 

Ankit says running the business on Flipkart has enabled them to avail many benefits, from much wider market access to support in terms of logistics/ This directly translates into savings for the business. In addition, becoming a Flipkart Assured seller gives visibility to the business. “We are able to drive 30 percent more sales today.”

Watch why Ankit says he is looking forward to doing business with Flipkart for a lifetime.

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