ENZ answers fun questions on student life in New Zealand
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Did you know that New Zealand is the only country in the world to have all its universities ranked in the top 3 percent of the world's universities? Or that the government has a special mental health care programme for its students? These are just a few answers to the many questions that students have about studying in New Zealand. 

Much planning and preparation is required before going to study abroad. More often than not, it can be a daunting task, leaving multiple questions swirling around in students’ minds. However, Education New Zealand (ENZ), the government agency for education in the country, is the go-to destination for any and all questions about studying in New Zealand. 

Given the country’s rising popularity as a destination for higher education for Indian students, (Since 2017, the number of student visas issued by New Zealand to Indians went up to 1,600, up from 800) there’s much to know about studying and living in New Zealand. 

With questions ranging from nightlife in the country,the availability of vegetarian food or around its culture, ENZ answered questions from students across India. 

Among the many interesting questions was one asked by a student from Bengaluru about whether students can get a chance to meet Jacinda Arden - the New Zealand Prime Minister - the world's youngest female head of government. As it turns out, the answer is yes! Find out how in this video. 

While many of your questions are answered in this fun video, you can visit the official ENZ website to find out more!

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