Thought leaders from eShipz discuss redefining the outbound express logistics landscape in India

About the session

It’s a great time to be in the Logistics and Shipping sector in India. The country has one of the fastest growing online retail markets in 2021 - the country’s digital buyers were estimated to be approximately 289.1 million in 2021 - a figure that suggests that almost 71 percent of the country’s internet users in the region would have purchased products online for the mentioned time period.

As India’s thriving industry ecosystem works to capitalise on this incredible growth opportunity, automation of logistics takes a forefront in almost every organisation and with that we mean not just printing barcode or shipping labels, but enhancing the entire pre to post shipping experience, right from the time the order is created, to when it is assigned to the carrier partner, tracked and notified to the end consumer. In a freewheeling conversation with YourStory, Shivadeep Mahadi, Ajaykumar Rajakumar, and Shashi Tripathi, the co-founders of eShipz discuss the nuances of the logistics space and how they’re redefining the automating outbound express logistics landscape in India.

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