The future of entertainment in the experience economy - Part II

About the session

Led by Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO of YourStory, the ScaleUp India Roundtables in association with PayU, bring you deep-dive conversations on opportunities, challenges, scaling beyond audiences and geographies, and how to solve some of the biggest scale challenges.

In its second episode, we’re focussing on a hot topic that’s relevant to many of India’s booming entertainment and creator economy  - the future of entertainment in the experience economy.

Part II of the second episode also does a deep dive on pricing strategies and positive payment experiences and how they can win customers and drive loyalty – critical factors for entertainment platforms.

This ScaleUp India Roundtable created in association with PayU, features Nikhil Gandhi, Chief Operating Officer at MX Media; Gautam Raj Anand, Founder and CEO, Of Hubhopper; Shobhit Mohan, VP - Marketing & Branding, PayU India; Rajan Navani, Vice-Chancellor and Managing Director of JetSynthesys; and Sandeep Lodha, CEO, Gaana, in an insightful conversation with Shradha Sharma of YourStory.

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