Financial coach Aditya Goela on how to maximise productivity and unlock growth for your business
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Entrepreneurship often starts with an idea, a laptop and a dream. Your hard work, productivity, collaboration, consistency, choices you make, and the lengths you go to protect it, can be the secret sauce to making the dream a reality.

In our third episode, we’re focussing on how collaboration can be key to unlocking growth for you and your business.

Aditya Goela is the CFA and Co-founder at Goela School of Finance, a financial literacy startup that educates and enables people to make a career in the stock market. He is no stranger to productivity. He spearheads The Goela School of Finance as a completely bootstrapped business and going by sheer numbers - the company saw revenues grow more than 15 times over the past two years and now generates a revenue of six crores.

Time is invaluable when you’re the founder of a growing startup, and talking about how being hyper-productive was crucial to their growth.

Empowering productivity is also central to the all-new Windows 11 that comes with features like Snap Layout, Microsoft Teams integration, an improved docking experience, and more! Aditya also believes in the power of delegation and empowering productivity in his employees so that they share in the startup’s growth mindset. He recommends inspiring workforce productivity by setting an example.

“I feel that to truly be productive one has to understand the job perfectly. To do that, you really just have to get your hands dirty, get down, roll up your sleeves and just do it - the way you feel it should be done. And when you do that once, you understand the practical problems literally hands-on,” he says

“And when you understand that practical problem, you are in a much better situation to create a system or a way how you are able to automate that task or delegate that task or do the same task at a significantly lower time to enhance your productivity,” he adds.

Aditya also reveals that he is not a fan of shortcuts and hacks. “Hacks are like having a short-term mindset. What really inspires me is that there are no secrets in the world,” he says

“Everyone knows what they have to do, if you just stick to it with ruthless prioritisation, you will be more productive, personally and professionally” he adds.

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