ICICI Lombard’s Girish Nayak on why educating the workforce and customizing digitization is the future of business
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Despite having well-written business continuity plans, the unique challenge of the entire workforce operating remotely has posed a unique challenge for companies. This has led to the adoption of robust digitisation and AI-enabled mechanisms to ensure a smooth transition to remote working, without compromising on productivity and efficiency. ICICI Lombard is leading the way on all these fronts, with 50 percent of employees working from home even before the nation-wide lockdown was announced. Their call center employees have also seamlessly transitioned to remote working, given that medical claims are currently a crucial aspect. 

“We have a huge network of agents and we have been digitizing functionalities for them for a long time. Most of our operations are running digitally through agent portals, mobile apps, and email bots for our SME customers,” says Girish. 

ICICI Lombard has different digital solutions for its many verticals. For example, its motor business vertical is leveraging a portal - iPartner- to issue policies to customers. For the health insurance vertical, a special mobile app is being used to onboard customers; for its SME section, the company is making use of an email bot, Girish says. 

Apart from digitisation, the company is also leveraging AI and ML to pass claims, issue policies and inspections, especially for their corporate cashless health plans.

Given that the way of doing business has changed in the current times, Girish says the key is to think changes through, communicate with your employees and customers very well, and educate your workforce about cyber-security and remote working. 

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