Startups interact at the IFCCI Bangalore: Start up Conference 2017

8th May 2017
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1)   Vijay Madhusudan, CEO @ Enfrien

If "thermocole" isn't the best way to cut evaporation losses, then what is? Watch Entrepreneur Vijay Madhusudan to find out

With an aim to build sustainable technologies for slowing, and reversing climate change, Entrepreneur Vijay Madhusudan at Enfrien is on a mission to create floating solar panels and provide a great source for production of green energy. Enfrien, founded in 2010 in Bangalore has a vision of delivering sustainable and economically feasible green energy solutions, and has been providing energy efficient lighting solutions and energy consulting services for its customers. Having delivered multiple turnkey projects, with an exceptional attention to aesthetic values so far, the organisation is now gearing up towards development of floating solar panels that could be used to cover reservoirs and help in cutting evaporation losses.

2)   Yogesh Bhatia, Founder @

eCommerce for B2B! Watch Founder Yogesh Bhatia speak on his initiative

A members-only eCommerce website, has been established to serve its B2B customers in Gurgaon and Faridabad. The organisation had been in the B2B business for last 22 years in India, and has launched the online portal recently, enabling their customers to purchase thousands of items, including business supplies and products for resale, at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities with quotation. Products catered through the portal include Mobiles and Tablets, Small and Large Appliances and a wide range of other electronic and IT products.

3)   Puneet Prakash, Director @ City Link

Why book a cab, when you can book a truck! Watch Puneet Prakash making truck booking easy

City Link, with its on-demand services in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, leverages technology to operate a full-fledged trucking business. Starting off as an extension to an earlier trucking business focussed primarily upon enterprises, City Link now provides local shifting services and trucking needs to businesses as well as individual customers alike. With the help of a mobile application, customers can book easily and benefit from features such as live tracking of the vehicles.

4)   Mukarrum Pasha, Founder & CEO at Jobay

Plug and play HR? Watch Mukarrum Pasha introduce an innovative concept with Jobay

Start-ups and SMEs realise the need for an HR department, yet are reluctant to invest into a full-fledged one of their own. Jobay is committed at helping such SMEs, by partnering with them and running their HR-department for them. Entrepreneurs can leverage upon Jobay's offerings by hiring plug-and-play HR professionals, and pay only for the services they need. This allows them to circumvent the costs arising from an extensive HR department of their own.

5)   Abhishek Roy, Cofounder at FeetApart

All work and no exercise makes Jack a less productive boy. Watch how Abhishek Roy is saving Jacks

Founded in 2014, FeetApart is a social network based wellness platform focussed essentially upon solving the problem of employee engagement via fitness and gamification. They emphasize upon the importance of inducing employee wellbeing within the organisation's core, which enables health and lifestyle improvement amongst its employees, thereby resulting in higher engagement. Employees can interact and play with their peers, and set weekly goals towards exercising, meditating and healthy eating. The platform also allows the inclusion of your friends and family, thus leveraging the social network to enable healthier lifestyles.

6)   Pratika Khandelwal @ Edureka

Watch Pratika Khandelwal introduce Edureka and its eLearning solutions

With a goal to revolutionize the professional online education, Edureka aims to create an ecosystem by partnering with stakeholders in the e-learning industry. The organisation leverages upon technology to provide a unique learning methodology of live online interactive courses along with 24x7 support, and aims to make learning easy, affordable and accessible to users across the globe.

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