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“When it comes to communications, there are different forms and types organisations need. And connecting with a journalist is one of the many forms. It, therefore, becomes important to understand what they need and how a story can and should be told,” says Sarah.

Storytelling, she adds, is an important part of any brand’s or company’s journey, and leveraging technology for that storytelling journey makes it all the more powerful. 

“A couple of years ago, there was a new role in marking [??] ‘Head of Growth’, which focused on collecting data to help increase output in terms of users, activities, and even as simple as opening emails. So, performance marketing has become a new standard. We can do something similar with PR. There is an ability to use data at different parts of the communication strategy that we don’t yet use today,” says Sarah.

She explains that a lot of PR professionals today focus on gut and instinct, which can get only a limited results. Top executives, however, always look for results and RoI even when it comes to communications. While it can’t be guaranteed, but more insights and data mean more actionable pointers to make informed choices. 

Going forward, Wizikey founders aim to scale the company into a global business and a product, which caters to the $90 billion global communications industry.

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