Five Inspiring Entrepreneurs from small-town India || From Sundar Pichai to Sameer Gehlaut

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Having an eye for the extraordinary. The one who doesn’t ride the storm; but IS a storm. The one who leverages occasions from time to time. The one who focuses on micro to form a macro picture. Welcome to the Entrepreneur Stories – good enough to make your mind go ‘I’ve got this, let’s do it.

 “You’ll never feel 100% ready. Do it, anyway.” – a life-changing mantra of people who set out to become Motivational Billionaires. So, what sets a motivational billionaire apart from a billionaire to weave unforgettable entrepreneur stories?

Business Philosophy that dwells on empathic ability, entrepreneurial mindset teamed with creative imagination, ability to motivate others, attitude to take risks, sharp hyper-focus on the goals till they are achieved, encouraging innovations and technology to think of a bigger picture – every quality being pivotal to the business transformation.

Game-changing companies that mint fortune forms a foundation of successful billionaire stories.

Passion teamed with the potential to come up with out-of-the-box, disruptive ideas that come as a surprise to the world - an evolution in its own means; creating something that serves a higher purpose, adding value to the world is what transforms an entrepreneur’s vision into a reality. And, India is emerging as a leader to churn out the world’s finest business leaders. Pushing the borders, proving oneself at every step through a pool of challenges, creating opportunities from the slightest chance from inspiring entrepreneurs in India.

Inspiring Business Stories serving as a basis of motivation with many ‘takeaway qualities’ is definitely not a cakewalk. Taking ideas to new places in the course of an illustrious career, shaping their beliefs into manifestations and constant perseverance is what maketh a man of money.

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