Lizzie Chapman TrueNorth | ZestMoney Co-founder & CEO
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Watch Lizzie Chapman talk about her TrueNorth, inspirations, role models and things no one knows about her.

True North explores the mind and captures the personal journey of entrepreneurs, their struggles and challenges to stay on the right course. It explores their personal motivations and inspirations as they have navigated their company through challenges on growth, funding, profitability and culture.

True North is all about the lessons from trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows, and failures and success.

True North is a YourStory Initiative.


Lizzie Chapman
CEO & Co-Founder, ZestMoney
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1 Lizzie Chapman on why starting up in India made sense for her
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2 Lizzie Chapman on founding a fintech startup in India
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3 Lizzie Chapman on using creativity and relationships in India
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4 Lizzie Chapman on team diversity and employee welfare at ZestMoney
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5 Lizzie Chapman on the large opportunity in providing financing to India's masses
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6 Rapid Fire with Lizzie Chapman
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