India's restaurant industry: Fighting the odds with customer support
About the session

Taking the Make Small Strong initiative forward, YourStory hosted a special panel discussion with small and medium restaurant business owners to understand and explore the importance of customer support and advocacy for their businesses to survive and thrive in the new normal. This discussion, titled 'Fighting the odds with customer support' saw Vishal Krishna, Business Editor, YourStory in conversation with Vinesh Johny, Co-founder, Lavonne, Bangalore; Anirudh Nopany and Sreeram Anvesh, owners, Brik Oven, Bangalore and Santosh Muruganatham, CEO and founder of in Chennai. The discussion revolved around their business journey in the last few months, the challenges and pitfalls of running a small business in these uncertain times and what customers can do to ensure that local businesses continue to do well. 


Vinesh Johny
Co-founder, Lavonne

Anirudh Nopany
Owner, Brik Oven

Sreeram Anvesh
Owner, Brik Oven

Santosh Muruganatham
CEO and founder,
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Top moments from the video
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1 Anirudh Nopany on factors which curtailed lockdown's effects on Brik Oven
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2 Sreeram Anvesh shares some of the challenges faced by Brik Oven during lockdown
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3 Santosh Muruganatham on the effect of the lockdown on Kolapasi
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4 Founder shares Lavonne's early lockdown story
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5 Anirudh Nopany on customer loyalty and increasing focus on delivery at Brik Oven
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6 Sreeram Anvesh on engaging customers through social media at Brik Oven
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7 Santosh Muruganatham on how Kolapasi navigated the COVID crisis
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8 Lavonne co-founder shares his views on cooking less and moving to delivery
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